Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who am I?

I just bought a pair of jeggings online. Jeggings - for me, who has fastidiously avoided jeans and leggings for most of my life. Do you wear jeggings?

Saturday, July 31, 2010


No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth this week - I have just been swamped! Work, housework, running, everything just boiled over on me. A summary:
- 18 miles in this week, including a hilly 8 miler in 1:42
- Pretty good eating, including at least two servings of fruit a day
- A 36.02 5k race
- Some strength training
- A 74 hour work week

The boy who was hit by the car is home now - one bruised lung, a broken rib, and staples across his head, though no internal brain injury. The driver fell asleep and didn't wake up until the car hit the rumble strip - right where the boy was running.

How was your week?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Prayer Request

4 of my nieces run cross country at our local high school. During the boy's team practice, one of the boy's team members who was running behind the pack was hit by a truck. He has been lifelined to a major children's hospital with a massive head injury. Please keep this boy and his family in your thoughts, and BE CAREFUL on your own runs today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tempo Runs

Last night, I ran a 30 minute tempo run, at my half marathon goal pace of running a 5:1 run/walk ratio. I kept it shorter than planned because of a little bit of remaining shin pain, but overall it felt pretty good.

My calories went way up last night, when the husband and I finished off his birthday cake. I estimate I ended the day around 2000 calories.

Today I've been oddly hungry, too - I had to be in work super early and I think that messed with my body clock. I've already had:
5:00 am: 1 cliff bar, 240 calories
8:00 am: 1 weight watchers yogurt, 100 calories
7 - 9:30: 1 cherry diet coke, 90 calories
10:45: 1 pack of planter peanuts, 170 calories
Total for the morning: 600 (!!)

How do you sprent out your calories? I am happier eating smaller items at spaced intervals, but would a bigger breakfast better stave off hunger?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Calorie Counting

I'm trying to get back on the wagon after a super indulgent weekend. I got to the Y too late to swim last night, but biked 30 minutes instead. Thankfully, my shin feels a million times better, so I'll be able to get in a run tonight.
Calorie counts so far:
6:30 am - Clif Bar, 240
7:00 - 11:00 - Cherry Coke Zero, 89
10:00 - Peppermint, 30
11:45 - Two whole wheat Eggo waffles with chocolate PB, 300
Total for work day: 659

How has your day been?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Recap

I didn't count this weekend - it was the husband's 35th birthday, which included a fancy dinner, lunch with the in-laws, and several pieces of white cake with buttercream.

The HusbandThe cake

On Saturday, I ran a 5k with my older sister. We started out together, but she quickly sped in front of me.

Mile 1 was almost all uphill. I was able to keep up with my sister for about 7 minutes, finishing this mile in 11:01

Mile 2 was flat but full of turns. It was getting to be sickeningly hot. Mile 3 was a downhill return, finished with a final lap around the local school's track. Total time: 36:34, not too bad for me.
Yesterday started with laundry, some house cleaning, ab work, and a quick run. I woke up this morning with a funny shin pain, so tonight may be first foray into swimming at the Y instead of my planned run.
I ended up getting the husband a grill for his birthday, so be prepared for plenty of grilled food in the upcoming weeks! What is your favorite thing to grill?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday Evening

4:30 pm and 8:00 pm - 2 cups chocolate milk: 320
7:00 pm - taco filling (ground lean beef, black beans, red pepper, onion, and taco seasoning) with shredded cheese, eaten with 4 tortilla chips: about 400

Total for the day: 1940
Not too bad. When I say I have an "1800 a day goal" it's much more a sense-check guideline that something I feel the need to obsessivelt stick to. Having struggled with disordered eating, I'm not willing to put the mental stress of "Must make the number" on myself. This is a good learning process though - today will undoubtably be a high-ish day, since it's the husband's the birthday, but I find myself being more thoughtful about my choices when I think about their numbers.

Anyone watching Top Chef? I had tivo'd Wednesday's and watched it last night. What's with all the hook ups? Anyone remember Angelo talked a few episodes ago about his baby/toddler-aged son, and now he's all up on Tanisha?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday's Eats at Work

3:00 am - 1 cup chocolate milk:160
7:15 am - Luna Bar: 180
7:00 am - Cherry Coke Zero: 89
9:30/10:30 am - 2 pieces whole wheat bread with 2 tbps natural pb: 350
12:12: 1 sandwich with 1 piece of cheese, 2 pieces of ham, and mayo: around 450 (That's insase. no more sandwiches for me!)

Total for the work day:1220

Super hungry today - thought bread and pb would be a good snack - but it didn't hold me over at ALL! I think I can see two big problems in my eating:
No fruits and veggies! I struggle digesting raw produce, but I could work in some cooked!
That Luna bar meal needs to be more filling - glad to be able to have Cliff bars after tomorrow's grocery trip!

It's amazing how things I eat regularly have way more calories than I thought about. This may be a good tool, after all.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Real quick post: Did my 7 mile long run - a PDR - in 1:34:15! Pace felt good - was even able to do strides at 7 mph in the last mile!!!

The rest of my Wednesday

1:00pm - 1 Diet Pepsi: 0

2:00 pm - 1 Peppermint: 20

4:30 pm - 1 cup chocolate milk: 160

During run - 1 Powerade Zero: 0

3 large slices homemade veggies and cheese pizza (estimate):650

1 cup ice cream and chocolate syrup: 279

Total for the day: 1870
I was trying for 1800, so I was suprised how close to that I came! Here's what became obvious: that a 20 CALORIES peppermint *so* isn't worth it; that I checked the calories counts of different types of ice cream and toppings before I made my choice, easily saving 100+ calories; that this isn't as awful as it seems. I may keep this up for a week or so, just to see if it helps!

What is your daily calorie goal?

The numbers game

I've never been one for counting - calories, ww points, carbs, anything. But I though, after yesterday's and the past few weeks binges, I'd do a count of my daily intake on a "good day" to see where I am. Counting tends to make me fixate way too much on food, and that preoccupation is a bis part of the reason I struggle with my weight. But for the sake of experiements, today I'm going to count calories.

Here's how my day started:
6:30 am - 1 Luna Bar: 180
8:30 am - 1 cup of coffee with sugar: 50
9:00 am - 1 small chocolate chip cookie: 100
6:30 - 11:00 am: 1 Cherry Coke Zero: 85 (the syrup)
11:00 am - 1 can Cambell’s Low Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup: 175
Planned afternoon snack - 1 Fage yogurt with honey: 180

Total while-at-work intake: 770

All info is from I'll count dinner tonight, too, just to see where I am on an on-track day.

Do you, or have you, ever counted calories or points? I'm so sick of the 172 lbs rut, and think this may help me get out of it. If you cook at home (sans recipe), how do you figure out what the calorie count of your food is?

Back on the wagon

Yesterday was one of those eat-everything-in-the-universe kind of days (anyone else have those?) I've a grazer, and I think I spent more time eating than not. I had:

5:30 am: A chocolate peppermint Luna bar
7:00 am: A small-size cake donut
10:00 am: A fage yogurt
12:30 pm: A salad with 1 cup lettuce, 1/4 grilled chicken breast, 2 Tbs shredded cheese, a slice of tomato, and 1 packet of fat free ranch
2:00 pm:A glass of sweet tea
4:00 pm: 1 cup of chocolate milk
8:00 pm: 1 slice pepperoni pizza
8:15 pm: Leftover taco filling: black bean, brown rice, shredded beef, and hot sauce
9:30 pm: 2 Neuman-O cookies

WAY too much food! My female vistor is almost here, so I account some of this to hormones, and the rest to not eating enough filling protien early in the day, setting myself up to be hungry later. I'm trying to get things back together today - I already turned down a homemade chocolate chip cookie in this effort!

On a sidenote, I've switched from Cliff bars to Luna bars this week because the Lunas were on sale. Not at all a fan of these - they don't seem to hold me over at all. What are your favorite bars?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Falling for running . .

Last night, the husband and I went to the Y after work. I lifted weights for 35 minutes:
Lat pull downs, 2 sets of 12 at 30 pounds
Bicep curls, 2 sets of 10 at 20 pounds
Chest press, 2 sets of 12 at 25 pounds
25 calf raises with 10 pound weights
Tricep extensions, 2 sets of 12 with 15 pounds
Tons of ab work - crunches, twists, planks

Then I ran home, about 3 miles. It was the first time I've ever done this, and it was suprisingly nice to run to *get* somewhere. The first mile is on sidewalk, and the second is on a local coverted railroad that is a very popular running and bike trail. I finished the trip in a little under 35 minutes, including waiting on two stop lights.

When I got home, I began to water my flowers, and thanks to the combination of wet concrete and bare feetm promptly fell off my front step - only about a foot off the group, thank fully. I now have concrete burn on both knees, and a sizeable bruise! Be careful around water, ladies!

I have hatha yoga planned for tonight, with maybe a short run afterwards. What are your evening plans?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Goal of the Week

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully this week will be a little less stressful than the last few have been. My health goal for the week: strength train for at least 30 minutes 3 days this week.

The husband's birthday is Friday, so I need to get a present and a fancy dinner planned for him. What do you do for your significant other's birthday?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Muddy waters

My week in summary:
- Am working evening shift this weekend, which will result in a total work week of 68 hours
- Ran 40 minutes with no walk breaks (on the mill), 3.71 miles at a varying pace
- Weight: 172
- Ate okay, too many yummies during 4th of July celebration, but not bad the rest of the week
- Cooked lentils for the first time
- Ran a cross country 5k today, in super muddy rough trails - a horrible-but-great kind of run

How did your week go?

*Also, shout out to my *****followers*****! So happy to have you here!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I'm actually working all three days of the "long weekend," but hopefully all of you are off having fun! I have a 65 minute run planned for tonight, outside since the Y is closing early today and tomorrow for the holiday.

My eating hasn't been awful - or great. My IBS has hit hard since Thursday, and any raw veggies or fruit are not agreeing with me. I'm been living on peanut butter, yogurt, and cliff bars, as well as one stomach pain ease-r: Coke. I know, pop is "bad" - nausea is worse.

I'm heading to a pool party after work tonight - what are your plans?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Long "Run" and update

Admittedly, it was more walk than run, but last night I five miles in an hour and 15 minutes. I'm suprisingly not sore today - everything but a little place on my left shin feels fine. It was super hot outside, and I lost a crazy 3 pounds from my before-run weigh in to my post run weigh in.

How do you hydrate when it's hot outside? When I'm inside at the Y, I keep water or Powereade Zero on my treadmill or along the track. Outside, I either try to pick a route with drinking fountains, or do a loop that lets me stash water in my car. I don't fuel during runs, since my stomach has enough issues without food + activity.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Run Recap and Weight In

Yesterday I had a 35 minute run on the 'mill: 5 minute warmup at 4.0, 20 minutes of running at 4.7, 5 minutes of alternating 1-minute walk with 1 minute running, and a final 5 minute walk at 4.0. Total distance: 2.5 miles

My weigh in number for the week: 172. Again. Last week felt pretty darn good in terms of eating and exercise, so hopefully the scale will be better in the coming week.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Training Schedule

Today is my first day of half marathon training! I though I'd post my schedule to share with everyone. I've given the workouts numbers, not days, since my work schedule is so sporadic, though my long runs will probably always be Tuesdays.
Here we go:
Wish me luck! How do you train for your races - time or miles?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hope all of you had a good weekend! Mine was busy, but good. I picked up my new car (!!!!!) Friday night, cleaned my house, and went to bed early.

Saturday started with my favorite pre-run breakfast: pb, nanners, and toast.
I then met up with my sister, three of my nieces and my mom for a local 5k. My nieces and sister ran, and my mom watched.
My girls
Me (and mom's golf cart). The race was less than a mile away from my parent's house. I finished the race in an easy 38:00 - my sister kicked my butt with a 31:00. Two of my nieces placed in the 14-19 age group. I also bought my race series shirt for the year:
After going home and doing around 5 loads of laundry, the husband and I went out to dinner at Sweetgrass, a local restuarant that focuses on "seasonal American food." I got drunken chicken with a grit cake and asparagus.
The husband got salmon.
The food was fabulous, but the atmosphere not so much . . . and it seemed overpriced for what it was.
Sunday was fairly low-key: more laundry, church, and some shopping.
How was your weekend?

Friday, June 25, 2010

My new car!!!

melting down

I had a meltdown this morning. I have a feeling that any of you who have struggled with your weight know this routine: Get up, get ready, go to closet. Closet is full of clothes. But you have nothing you can put on. Nothing fits, or if it fits, it doesn’t work with anything else, or the thing it would work with is dirty, so-dirty-you-can’t-throw-it-in-warm-dryer-to-hide-the-wrinkles dirty. So you begin to try on clothes, get frustrated sling them at the wall, creating a mountain you’ll inevitably trip over. You have no clothes, and today is starting out on the wrong foot.

That was me today. I had no pants. Or tops that went with the pants I had. I work in a very business-dressy environment, no skirts or dresses allowed, only pants and today none of the clean ones fit. I know this routine extremely well, but today’s was different: I am used to dismissing outfits because of visible rolls or the inability to breathe. Today, all 4 pairs of clean pants in my closet were too big. It was a small victory in a frustrating situation. I am still on the path . . .I am still winning the fight with my weight, albeit not with my closet.

I ended up in a pair of dirty pants.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hot in Here

It was 102 degrees yesterday at work on the manufacturing floor - thank goodness for cloudy weather today! I ran inside, getting in 2 miles in 28 minutes.

As you know, I am planning - no, am going to be running the Wine and Dine half marathon in Disney World on October 2. The race mandates a 16 minute mile pace, though I have a definate goal for myself: to average 12 minute miles. It's achievable given my 5k race pace (Thanks, Mcmillian pace calculator!), but will be a challenge. My formal race begins on Monday. I've put together a hybrid plan using Hal Higdon's Novice Runner and his Walking half marathon plans. The biggest difference between the two? The "runner" uses distance to track all training runs, and the "walker" uses distance for long runs, but time for shorter runs. I seem to do better on runs where the focus is time, so I'll be using that aspect in my plan. I'll have it to share with you on Monday.

Eating this week has been pretty good: greek yogurt, baked chicken, cliff bars. My company is having a cook out today, but I have some issues with food sanitation by novice cooks in high temperatures . . . let's just say I brought my lunch.

This evening holds a yoga class, and possibly shopping for a new car! What kind of car do you drive?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Interesting Article on Kids and Food

People of WalMart

If you are need of amusement, this is the place to go. Just . . . wow.

Being Uncomfortable

Last night, I pushed myself out of my 172lbs person's comfort zone, and instead of doing a very controlled, paced 4 miles on the treadmill, I decided to run outside. I'll be honest - running outside still makes me self concicious. Like the cars driving by ask themselves "Why is that big girl outside running?". Honestly, I know they don't, but that self doubt still creeps in.

It was around 90 but with a good breeze, so I started an unmeasured, hilly loop around town. It was hot, and I was slow, but it felt good to be outside, good to feel strong. I mapped the route when I got home: 4.45 miles, including warm up and cool down. Time? 1:11. Not too bad for the amount of heat and waiting through two stoplights. By the time for my half, I'd like to be able to do 5 miles in an hour, so I have some work to do, speed-wise.

What is your favorite speed workout?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

I'll let my number tell you how my week went:

The damn pound is back. I had a relvation yesterday: I have learned what it takes to live life at 172 pounds, an improvement over the only other lifestyle I knew: 195 - 210lbs. I understand what foods to eat, what exercise to do and how to be 172 pounds. What I need to learn is how to be 171. Sounds simple, but isn't. I need the next level of changes: harder work outs, better food choices. With that in mind, I put together a work out schedule for the week.

M: 2.5 miles, abs
T: 4 miles
W: yoga
R: 3.5 miles, abs
F: strength train, abs
S: 5k race
S: rest day

I'll let you know how I am at keeping my schedule. Ab work is my very-least-favorite-thing, probably because my abs are SO weak. Making myself do it will be a huge challenge.

As far as food, eh. Some not good choices made last week. Why is eating right so difficult? Is it for everyone, or just me? What is your best tip for making good food choices?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Doughboy 5K and weekend recap

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine started with a 5K Saturday morning. I fueled with my favorite pre-race breakfast:
Arnold's Whole Wheat Thin with pb and bananas (does anyone else sing the Gwen Stefani song when they write that word?)
The race was about a half hour away, and it rained the entire drive. I don't mind running in the rain, so I wasn't super worried about it. By the time we arrived, however, the sun had come out, and it was 94 and incredibly humid. A pre-race photo:
There were around 30 runners and 10 walkers in the 5K. The race started late due to the need for someone to check the road for "wash-outs" - a bad sign. The course started on level blacktop, and I positioned myself near the back of the pack.
Mile 1 went by slowly and sweat-ily. It was all on asphalt or concrete, with a few slight hills and a steep bridge. Time for mile 1: 11:30. Mile 2 started out on a regular road, then turned into an uphill gravel climb. The course was an out-and-back, so by this point the "fast runners" are coming at me as I'm trying to finish my first half of the course. Time for mile 2: 12:30. By the start of mile 3, I've turned around, am sufficiently dripping with sweat, and decide that running sucks and I hate it. I make it towards the finishing line and decide to go all out for the last .1 simply to get the whole thing over with. Total time for race: 38 even. Not a bad race for gravel and puddles.
The shirt was a sweet tech shirt - I'll be debuting it soon. After refuel with water and a nanner, I headed home, went for a cool down run, and then spent the rest of the weekend on the lake, tubing and watching the Husband wakeboard.
It was a fun weekend, but not the best eating choices - pizza, cookies, even a regular coke(!) while on the boat.
Goal for the week: photograph my food and post!
How was your weekend? Do you ever hate running?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Food Recap

Mo's food of choice: chewy bones!
Tonight was grocery store night. I go once a week for the Husband and I, and it averages about $100. This week I got this:

It includes Fage, Lentils, lunch supplies for the Husband, cheese for broccoli mac, and various veggies.
As far as my meals this week, they looked like repeats of these:
Leftover pizza
Penn Station Veggie Sub - adore these!
Builder Bar, which I was incredibly underwhelmed by
St0re brand whole grain cinnamon cereal

I promise to do a better job with this in the coming week!
How much do you spend a week on groceries?

About me

I've added an about me page you can access from the header of my blog - enjoy!


Ok, let's start where we left off:

Hip hop yoga is AMAZING - hot room, vinyasa centered, inversion-heavy flow with current and old school hip hop (Can I take a moment to express my love for Biggie Smalls?). I bought a 5-class pass for the studio, so I'll be going to the class every week for a while.

Food photography is way harder than it seems! I've been really good photographing what I eat at work, but not so good about food at home. I'll post a recap this weekend.

I have a race tomorrow - a 5k. This will be my eigthth 5k, and while I don't expect to PR given my lack of speedwork lately, I love to race regardless of the result. I'm also off work this weekend - I get one weekend off every five weeks, and this is it! My good friend and her husband are coming to visit, and briniging their boat, so I'll get to out on the lake for the first time of the year. Which means sun, gossip, and . . . bathing suits. Ugh.

I hate bathings suits - who doesn't, honestly? I had to buy a new one before our trip to Disney in May, and it was a challenge. Thank God for seperate tops and bottoms: I am now a size medium bottom and still a Large on top. You see, the "ladies" haven't caught on to this whole get-smaller thing. Pre weight loss, I was a 38D. A bra fitting yesterday found me at a . . . . 32D. Yeah - now just a size that is harder to find.

Do you like bathing suit shopping? What is your hardest issue to fit?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The world's fattest woman

I can't tell you how much this poor woman's thought process messes with my head.
What do you think?

A new strategy

I brought my camera to work with me today for one very simple reason: until I figure out this whole eating thing, I'm going to be taking pictures of my food. A disclaimer dear readers:
  • I eat out of plastic bags, mismatched tupperware, and napkins. I wish I was a cute plate kind of girl, but at work, that doesn't happen
  • My everyday food, especially on tummy upset days, isn't super creative. I'm a leftovers-eating, habit-forming, somewhat boring eater
  • I'm not sure that I can promise the super inspiring, gorgeous food photos I see and love on so many other's blogs.

What can promise is this: an honest look at what I'm eating, the struggles that go with it, and maybe some high points along the way.

I have a hip-hop yoga class tonight! It's a new class my studio is offering for the summer, and I'm super excited!

Do you do yoga? What is your favorite kind?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Part 2: The Husband and I

I was working my first summer at the company where I work now. The Husband was then the cute-night-shift-engineer. My dad (who worked for a different division of the same company) introduced us, and what started as coffee after a night of 3rd shift turned into daily dates. In a little over month, I was slowly migrating my stuff into his house; two years later, we got married.

Husband proposed on Christmas 2008, and we planned a small, casual wedding that happened March 14, 2009.

How did you meet your significant other?

Weigh In

I do my weekly way in Monday at my trip to the Y. Last night's results: 171! Somehow, even with the bad eating, I was acitve enough to break through the plateau!!

I haven't been under 170 since . . . high school, so I'm anxious to get there again. As a child, I was average weight until about second grade. I was hit puberty by age 10 and with that came size C breasts. By my freshman year of high school, I was close to 190 (and I'm 5'5"). The summer after my junior year, I used slim fast to lose about 30 pounds. The lightest I remember being 9I have generally avoided scales my entire life) is 167.

When I went to college, I got sucked into a lifestyle of little exercise, late night trips to Denny's and drinking coffee with tons of sugar. I can't imagine how much worse it would have been if I drank alcohol. When I started my last year of college, I weighed around 200 pounds but got down to around 175 when I met the husband. Over the past three years, I slowly gained back to around 200, until last fall when I began this journey.

169 will be a huge celebration for me - here's to hoping it will come soon!

What number is/was your hang up?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Willpower . . .

I have none. Just needed to share that.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crazy Sunday

What a crazy week this has turned into! By the time I leave work today, I will have logged 75 hours since Monday! I have to admit that both my exercise and eating habits haven't been great, though I've been walking/standing at least 6 hours a day at work, and made it to the gym five times. I haven't been running much - 15 miles total this week. I was on the verge of an exhausted-crying-mental break down Friday night (anyone else have those?) from stress and lack of sleep, and skipped that run for some quiet yoga and a nap.

As far as eating, I was really spot on until Thursday, and it went downhill from there, including eating too much co-worker brought in homemade coffee cake, and basically no veggies since Thurday's lunch salad. Something you don't know about me: in March of this year, I began suffering from sporadic severe gastrointestinal issues, which I've found out is IBS, affected mostly by stress and diet. My stomach has been crazy for most of the week, and my fallback foods are carb-aholic in nature: sandwiches, toast, oatmeal, plain pasta, cheese pizza. Hopefully a more relaxed week will get me back on track.

As far as my goal of packing lunched for the week, I did it 5 out of 7 days. I'm going to reuse this goal again this week, because I'm figuring out that my work eating habits are the most destructive to my healthy efforts.

I'll be back later to finish the story about how the husband and I got together, and also with my inches update for the week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Recap

Today is an unplanned abs-only day: I whacked my shin on a table at work, and have a bruise the size of an egg. So my easy 3 milers will be traded with tomorrow's planned rest day, and I'll hopefully get some laundry done this evening.

There was good news at my house today: the husband has been working evenings (2:30 pm - 11:30 pm) for the past 13 months, will be moving to a regular day shift job! I'm so excitied, not only for how good this will be for our marriage but also for my weight loss efforts: he's a workout fiend, and will be good motivation for me the days I want to skip out. Also, it's much more motivating to cook when both of us our home to eat dinner.

The husband and I have been together for almost three years. He is an engineer by job and personality: analytical, practical, and constantly taking things apart to "see how they work." He plays guitar in a classic rock band with a few of his friends, wakeboards, and is a huge foodie. We are very different, but have a strong relationship because we see things from opposite persceptives. I thought in the next few posts I'd share with you the story of how we met (which is also a fat-skinny-fat journey for me).

I dated the same boy from the time I was seventeen until the end of my second year of college - I graduated in three years, so this was the summer before my senior year. I was sure he was The One, but he chose an addiction to prescription painkillers over me. I was heartbroken, and am an emotional eater, so my weight slowly began to climb. I moved from college housing in with my parents that summer, and spent some time volunteering at a church camp I had attended as a kid. There I met a boy we'll call X. X was several years older than me, had recently moved back to our hometown after completeting a Master's in Education, and was living with his parents while he looked for a teaching job. He was very religious and had a close knit group of religious friends. While I has always attended church, I had never really been super involved with it, but, having just moved and looking for a friend group, I was drawn both to X and to his place in a such a seemingly supporting church family.

X and his large extended family were together all the time, and it didn't take long for his parents to dissapprove of me taking so much of his time (He was 30 and lived his parents who were concerned him staying out late? How was this not a warning sign??) X was very thin and athletic, and his family made open comments about my weight, though his mother weighed over 350 lbs herself. I was semi-subconciously using X as a rebound, but he ended up being a huge mess.

After about 6 months of dating I had lost 25 pounds in a not so healthy way and was getting ready for college graduation. I had been accepting into grad school for the next fall, and gotten my job at the large automotive company where I still work. The more successful I became, the worse our relationship got. Everything from my eating choices to my religious beliefs were up to scrunity from X and his whole family.

Up Next: A boy my dad picked out

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone is having a great day! I worked last night, came home to sleep for a few hours, and then went with the husband to the Y, which was closing at 1. Today I had a major running milestone: I ran for 40 minutes with no walk break, a three minute time PR for me!!

The husband and I are heading out for lunch and then catching up on things around the house.

What are your plans for the day?

Sunday, May 30, 2010


When I first started losing weight, I was religious about taking inches on Sundays. I have fallen about from that, but will be starting again today. Here we go:
Chest: 37
Waist: 32
Hips: 38 1/2
Arm: 12

When I started in October, it was: 40, 35, 41, and 14.

We'll see how I go from here!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Recap

After getting home at 8, I slept for a few hours and then fixed lunch for myself and the husband. Today's menu? Barbeque beef and corn on the cobb. I love barbeque - it's such a summery, family gathering type of food for me.
We then went to Y where husband lifted weights, and I did a 30 minute run and some ab work, followed by a shopping trip for flip-flops and a trip to the local pet store.

I have packed two successful work lunches* so far this week: yogurt, cliff bar, oatmeal with pb and a banana. This gives me a main item and two snacks, whch seems to be about right for the amount of tim I'm working. Last night, however, I got tripped up in my diet efforts: my boss brought me in breakfast when he got here at 6:00: sausage mcmuffin and a hashbrown. I ate the mcmuffin and about 1/3 of the hashbrown. I was planning on a smoothie when I got home, but I instead ate the McDonalds.

Part of what I struggle with is eating in "special situations"- someone brings in homemade cookies, my mom fixes fried chicken, it's a holiday, etc. I know I should have willpower to eat the salad, but is a life without, say, donuts, worth living? I feel like a moderation approach works best for me - eating some of the "bad stuff" but trying to eat much healthy, whole foods, and cutting back elsewhere to make up for the indulgences.

How do you find balance?

I thought I'd share my barbeque recipe - it's the result of about two years of experimentation.

1 small pork roast (you can alson used a beef pot roast)
2 tsp meat tenderizor
1 tbsp salt
2 tbsp seasoned pepper
1 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp garlic power
1 tbsp chilli power

Mix spices together in small bowl. Use a fork to puncture meat on both sides, and spinkle tenderizor equally onto each side. Place meat into a glass baking dish and rub top side with spice mixture. Cover with foil and place in 200 degree oven, cooking for 3 1/2 hours if the meat is under 3 pounds, adding twenty minutes for each additional pound of meat.

After cooking time is over, remove from oven and use two forks to shred meat. serve sauce on the side, but you can also toss the shredded meat in sauce.

My sauce:
1/4white vinegar
1/8 cup ketchup
1/8 cup yellow mustard - not dijion
1 tbps worcheshire sauce

How do you like your barbeque?

*are they lunches if I eat them at 4 in the morning?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Goal

One thing I would like to use the blog to keep track of is a weekly heathly lifestly habit I'd like to start. For week onr, my goal is to pack my lunch for work the night before every day.

Work eating is a huge make-or-break it for me. If I don't have healthy food, I'll hit up a vending machine or the work cafeteria, and my choices are seldom good ones. That is partially because there is a lack of good options, and partially my own weak willpower. I know I should pack a lunch, but it doesn't always happen. I'll let you know next Friday how it goes.

Do you pack a lunch?

Interesting LA Times Article,0,7034097.story

What do you think? Are we hooked on fat and the related drama?

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday all! Today is a short workday for me, leaving at 2:30 instead of 5-ish. Not for a fun reason though - a coworker is off this weekend and next week, so I'll be coming back in to work 3rd shift tonight and all next week to cover for him (3rd shift is 10:30 pm - 7:30 am). Wish me good, quick sleep for the hopeful 3 hours I need to get between work today and when I come back in!

Last night was a rest day for me, and I went pant shopping with my mom. Pants are my personal hell, something that has only got harder as I lost weight. Why? Running has led to one side effect I don't love: much increased thigh and calf muscles. I am naturally very muscular, add muscle easily, and now have "man calves". Skinny jeans? Only if the lower leg is wide enough. Zip-up tall boots? Yeah, right.

But I enjoy my strength, really. I can squat and leg press absurb amounts of weight, I look good in shorts, and I don't get tired easily walking around. I just need to find pants that aren't so slim-legged.

What body parts has running changed for you?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Biggest Loser

Anyone else a huge fan of the show? I had been rooting for Mike from the first episode, and was so happy when he won!

My all time favorite is Alli Vincent - she seems so relatable.

If you had asked me at any earlier point in my life, why do you have weight issues? or Why are you fat? I would have answered with a laundry list of reasons: I work too much, I have issues with my self-perception, I take too much on without leaving time for myself, I eat out too often, on and on. After I began running and trying to eat intuitvely, I realized there weren't reasons - they were excuses, cop outs.

Why am I fat? I eat too much, and don't move enough. As Jillian puts it "calories in vs. calories out". The only way this will be a true lifestyle change for me is to stop the excuse and fix the food and exercise issues.
Who did you root for this season?

Before Pictures

So you can see the pictures that inspired me to start this journey
July 2009, presenting research at an academic conference. Can't you an exact weight here - major scale avoidance during this time. Probably over 200 lbs.

The New Before, at Disney World the week of May 10, 2010:
Weight here: About 174
What amazed me about these two set of pictures:
  • Man this has taken a long damn time! But I've yo-yo'd enough in my life to know that quick weight loss leads to quicker gain-back.
  • My arms still need work - more lifting for me.
  • That I can wear shorts! Me - shorts!! I was flabbergasted the first day in Disney where I could wear shorts and walk around with absolutely no thigh-creep/rubbing. Probably the first time since age 10 I could do that.

What amazes you about your pictures?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tonight's Workout and Shoes

I work out after work at a local YMCA about 5 minutes from my house. Today was a 2 mile interval run, 1:1 intervals with the fast at a pace of 6.00, followed by 3 miles on the stationary bike and a quick ab workout. I would have like to have run farther, but am plagued by a little toe blister issue that has resulted in a painful raised cuticle. I also have blisters in between three more of my toes as well.

I have been through 3 pairs of running shoes: Brooks Adrenalines in wide (ok feel but caused blisters between my toes), Ascis 3010 (led to severe plantar facillatis after 2 runs; returned them), and my current beloved Saucany Guides in a men's wide, suggested by my local running store after filling them in on the blister issue from the Adernalines. My current pair have about 85 miles on them, but the blistering is getting worse as my mileage goes higher - not sure if I have too much motion control and am rolling my toe into the outside of the shoe, or if I need more width in the toebox. My LRS has been ok, but they're not the most helpful place I've been. I'm going to try thicker socks, but if they don't work, I may be shoe shopping again.

What kind of shoes do you run in?


About Me

With Liz from the Biggest Loser at Nashville's Resolution Run 5K

I am an engineer at a major automotive company, and have a bachelor's and Master's degree from Indiana University. I got married a little over a year ago, to my engineer husband, and we share a house with our two dogs, a jack russell terrier and a minature schnauzer.

I started my running life on Sept 21, 2009. I had always wanted to run a 5k, and impusively chose a first race on Sept 26, knowing I would be walking the majority of it. On that first run, I could literally only make it 1 1/2 minutes without stopping. I finished my first 5k in 42:18, slow but addicting, exhilerating. Since then, I have run between 10 - 25 miles a week, fighting shoe issues and a 65+ hour a week work schedule. My current 5k PR is 34:54 - I'd love to get under 30 this year. My half marathon training formally starts June 1, with a goal of running it at 5:1 run/walk ratio.

I hope to use this blog to track my training, eating, and hopeful weight loss through this process.
What are your running goals?



I am long time blog reader starting to write on my own. In the past 7 months, I have lost 26 pounds, run 6 5K races, and began a journey away from a sednetary lifestyle and yo-yo dieting, hoping to emerge a strong, healthy person with a positive relationship with body image and food.

I have decided to train for my first half marathon, the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, in October of 2010, and am starting this blog to journal my training. I also have some more weight to loose to meet my goal, having plateaued over the past two months. I have seen what a motivating, positive community the weight loss/food blog world can be, and I am happy to be joining you.

Weigh in day 1: 172 pounds
Goal: 150

Thanks for joining me!