Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Recap

Today is an unplanned abs-only day: I whacked my shin on a table at work, and have a bruise the size of an egg. So my easy 3 milers will be traded with tomorrow's planned rest day, and I'll hopefully get some laundry done this evening.

There was good news at my house today: the husband has been working evenings (2:30 pm - 11:30 pm) for the past 13 months, will be moving to a regular day shift job! I'm so excitied, not only for how good this will be for our marriage but also for my weight loss efforts: he's a workout fiend, and will be good motivation for me the days I want to skip out. Also, it's much more motivating to cook when both of us our home to eat dinner.

The husband and I have been together for almost three years. He is an engineer by job and personality: analytical, practical, and constantly taking things apart to "see how they work." He plays guitar in a classic rock band with a few of his friends, wakeboards, and is a huge foodie. We are very different, but have a strong relationship because we see things from opposite persceptives. I thought in the next few posts I'd share with you the story of how we met (which is also a fat-skinny-fat journey for me).

I dated the same boy from the time I was seventeen until the end of my second year of college - I graduated in three years, so this was the summer before my senior year. I was sure he was The One, but he chose an addiction to prescription painkillers over me. I was heartbroken, and am an emotional eater, so my weight slowly began to climb. I moved from college housing in with my parents that summer, and spent some time volunteering at a church camp I had attended as a kid. There I met a boy we'll call X. X was several years older than me, had recently moved back to our hometown after completeting a Master's in Education, and was living with his parents while he looked for a teaching job. He was very religious and had a close knit group of religious friends. While I has always attended church, I had never really been super involved with it, but, having just moved and looking for a friend group, I was drawn both to X and to his place in a such a seemingly supporting church family.

X and his large extended family were together all the time, and it didn't take long for his parents to dissapprove of me taking so much of his time (He was 30 and lived his parents who were concerned him staying out late? How was this not a warning sign??) X was very thin and athletic, and his family made open comments about my weight, though his mother weighed over 350 lbs herself. I was semi-subconciously using X as a rebound, but he ended up being a huge mess.

After about 6 months of dating I had lost 25 pounds in a not so healthy way and was getting ready for college graduation. I had been accepting into grad school for the next fall, and gotten my job at the large automotive company where I still work. The more successful I became, the worse our relationship got. Everything from my eating choices to my religious beliefs were up to scrunity from X and his whole family.

Up Next: A boy my dad picked out

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