About Me

Welcome to See Savannah Run. I'm  Savannah, a twenty-something project manager/engineer with a major American automotive company. I studied psychology as an undergraduate and have a Master's in Applied Health Science with emphasis in Ergonomics, both from Indiana University. I'm happily married to the Husband, and we have two dogs, a mini schaunzer named Mo, and a jack russell terrier, Buddy.

the Husband, with the dogs

I am a classically trained musician, and was super involved in theater in college. I love all kinds of music, from Lady Gaga to Hank Williams. My favorite things include movie musicals, dance, shopping, baking, Disney World, and reality tv. I live in a medium sized college town with an amazing local food scene, and a phenominal variety of local races and fitness events.

In college

I began my journey to weight loss by joining a yoga studio, where I practiced almost daily for a few months. I was suprisingly flexible, and "good" at yoga from the beginning, a new experience for me with anything athletic. But I was super self consiuous in the advanced classes, and felt like I got tired way sooner than my thinner peers. I began running in September 2009 hoping it would make me a better yogi.
October 2009

With my first 5k, I fell in love with races. I have since run multiple 5ks, with a PR of 34:54 (my first race was 42.14). I am training for my first half marathon in October, the Wine and Dine Half Marathon at Disney World.

This blog will track my eating habits, weight loss, and training, as well as my love for pop culture and food. Thanks for visiting me!