Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Being Uncomfortable

Last night, I pushed myself out of my 172lbs person's comfort zone, and instead of doing a very controlled, paced 4 miles on the treadmill, I decided to run outside. I'll be honest - running outside still makes me self concicious. Like the cars driving by ask themselves "Why is that big girl outside running?". Honestly, I know they don't, but that self doubt still creeps in.

It was around 90 but with a good breeze, so I started an unmeasured, hilly loop around town. It was hot, and I was slow, but it felt good to be outside, good to feel strong. I mapped the route when I got home: 4.45 miles, including warm up and cool down. Time? 1:11. Not too bad for the amount of heat and waiting through two stoplights. By the time for my half, I'd like to be able to do 5 miles in an hour, so I have some work to do, speed-wise.

What is your favorite speed workout?

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  1. I like doing fartleks - basically informal speed workouts. I warm up for about 10 minutes at a walk and then easy jog, and then speed up to do either short sprints, or slightly longer distances/times a faster-than-race-pace but slower-than-sprinting pace. I do 3-5 of those with about 3 minutes of easy jogging in between. It's fun and I don't get bored because I do what I feel like that day!