Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A new strategy

I brought my camera to work with me today for one very simple reason: until I figure out this whole eating thing, I'm going to be taking pictures of my food. A disclaimer dear readers:
  • I eat out of plastic bags, mismatched tupperware, and napkins. I wish I was a cute plate kind of girl, but at work, that doesn't happen
  • My everyday food, especially on tummy upset days, isn't super creative. I'm a leftovers-eating, habit-forming, somewhat boring eater
  • I'm not sure that I can promise the super inspiring, gorgeous food photos I see and love on so many other's blogs.

What can promise is this: an honest look at what I'm eating, the struggles that go with it, and maybe some high points along the way.

I have a hip-hop yoga class tonight! It's a new class my studio is offering for the summer, and I'm super excited!

Do you do yoga? What is your favorite kind?


  1. Good Luck on your picture taking. I struggle with it, but do try to post them when I can. I am very proud of you for taing this step. It will help you so much on this journey.
    P.S. I am a eat out of plastic bags, mismatched tupperware, and napkins kinda girl too. =)

  2. Oh my gosh - the hip-hop yoga sounds like SO much fun! I love hot yoga, or just power vinyasa. :-)