Monday, June 28, 2010

Training Schedule

Today is my first day of half marathon training! I though I'd post my schedule to share with everyone. I've given the workouts numbers, not days, since my work schedule is so sporadic, though my long runs will probably always be Tuesdays.
Here we go:
Wish me luck! How do you train for your races - time or miles?


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  2. Wow! You're my first blog follower! I haven't told anyone about it, but I read a lot of blogs and sometimes comment, so maybe my comment automatically linked to it. Anyway, I ran based on time for the first couple years of marathon training, but I've been doing mile-based training for the last three years or so. I think either way works. For me, my times improve more sometimes if it's miles-based. Like, I can be out here running for 70 minutes (time-based), or I can be out here as long as it takes me to go 8 miles (miles-based), and if I push myself harder on the miles-based, I get done faster. And some days all I want is to be done!