Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok, let's start where we left off:

Hip hop yoga is AMAZING - hot room, vinyasa centered, inversion-heavy flow with current and old school hip hop (Can I take a moment to express my love for Biggie Smalls?). I bought a 5-class pass for the studio, so I'll be going to the class every week for a while.

Food photography is way harder than it seems! I've been really good photographing what I eat at work, but not so good about food at home. I'll post a recap this weekend.

I have a race tomorrow - a 5k. This will be my eigthth 5k, and while I don't expect to PR given my lack of speedwork lately, I love to race regardless of the result. I'm also off work this weekend - I get one weekend off every five weeks, and this is it! My good friend and her husband are coming to visit, and briniging their boat, so I'll get to out on the lake for the first time of the year. Which means sun, gossip, and . . . bathing suits. Ugh.

I hate bathings suits - who doesn't, honestly? I had to buy a new one before our trip to Disney in May, and it was a challenge. Thank God for seperate tops and bottoms: I am now a size medium bottom and still a Large on top. You see, the "ladies" haven't caught on to this whole get-smaller thing. Pre weight loss, I was a 38D. A bra fitting yesterday found me at a . . . . 32D. Yeah - now just a size that is harder to find.

Do you like bathing suit shopping? What is your hardest issue to fit?

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  1. Oh my gosh....I SO wish I could find a Hip Hop Yoga place here! I LOVE Biggie, too.