Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekly Goal

One thing I would like to use the blog to keep track of is a weekly heathly lifestly habit I'd like to start. For week onr, my goal is to pack my lunch for work the night before every day.

Work eating is a huge make-or-break it for me. If I don't have healthy food, I'll hit up a vending machine or the work cafeteria, and my choices are seldom good ones. That is partially because there is a lack of good options, and partially my own weak willpower. I know I should pack a lunch, but it doesn't always happen. I'll let you know next Friday how it goes.

Do you pack a lunch?


  1. I am pretty religious about bringing my breakfast and lunch to work with me...and I'll admit - it's mostly in order to save $$! It does take some extra time and effort, but I take about 10-15 minutes the night before getting everything all ready. And Pyrex containers are my best friends. :-)

  2. I've been working on this for a while and I'd say that I pack my food for the day about 80% of the time. It makes a HUGE difference in my ability to stick to a healthy plan for the day! Packing my gym bag the night before really helps, too.