Thursday, May 27, 2010

Biggest Loser

Anyone else a huge fan of the show? I had been rooting for Mike from the first episode, and was so happy when he won!

My all time favorite is Alli Vincent - she seems so relatable.

If you had asked me at any earlier point in my life, why do you have weight issues? or Why are you fat? I would have answered with a laundry list of reasons: I work too much, I have issues with my self-perception, I take too much on without leaving time for myself, I eat out too often, on and on. After I began running and trying to eat intuitvely, I realized there weren't reasons - they were excuses, cop outs.

Why am I fat? I eat too much, and don't move enough. As Jillian puts it "calories in vs. calories out". The only way this will be a true lifestyle change for me is to stop the excuse and fix the food and exercise issues.
Who did you root for this season?

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