Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tonight's Workout and Shoes

I work out after work at a local YMCA about 5 minutes from my house. Today was a 2 mile interval run, 1:1 intervals with the fast at a pace of 6.00, followed by 3 miles on the stationary bike and a quick ab workout. I would have like to have run farther, but am plagued by a little toe blister issue that has resulted in a painful raised cuticle. I also have blisters in between three more of my toes as well.

I have been through 3 pairs of running shoes: Brooks Adrenalines in wide (ok feel but caused blisters between my toes), Ascis 3010 (led to severe plantar facillatis after 2 runs; returned them), and my current beloved Saucany Guides in a men's wide, suggested by my local running store after filling them in on the blister issue from the Adernalines. My current pair have about 85 miles on them, but the blistering is getting worse as my mileage goes higher - not sure if I have too much motion control and am rolling my toe into the outside of the shoe, or if I need more width in the toebox. My LRS has been ok, but they're not the most helpful place I've been. I'm going to try thicker socks, but if they don't work, I may be shoe shopping again.

What kind of shoes do you run in?


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  1. Hey Girl,
    Thanks for posting on my blog. I love meeting new blog friends. Here are some tips I got from the athletes foot shoe store here in town. They specialize specifically in running shoes.
    1. Make sure you do not wear cotton socks. Cotton socks hold moisture and cause blisters. I bought a bag of socks by danskin at walmart, and they work great. You can buy the expensive ones but these work the same.
    2. Make sure you have proper fitting shoes, and only wear them for running... Make sure u only wear them when u run, not out shopping, etc..! I just bought my first pair of aisics and love them, but I see you have tried them. Aisics and Saucony are the best type of running shoes you can get.
    3. Go a few post back on my blog and see the way they taught me to tye my shoes. It has made a world of difference. It helps to wrap the shoe around your foot and so its not loose if that makes any since.
    4. Make sure you have the right shoe for your arch. The athletes foot here has a special machine u step on to find out which shoes is best for your foot type. I think a lot of walmarts have that new Dr. Scholls machine that tells u what kind of arch support u need if any.

    Those I guess are my only tips?! lol! Thanks again for posting. check back for more!