Thursday, May 27, 2010

Before Pictures

So you can see the pictures that inspired me to start this journey
July 2009, presenting research at an academic conference. Can't you an exact weight here - major scale avoidance during this time. Probably over 200 lbs.

The New Before, at Disney World the week of May 10, 2010:
Weight here: About 174
What amazed me about these two set of pictures:
  • Man this has taken a long damn time! But I've yo-yo'd enough in my life to know that quick weight loss leads to quicker gain-back.
  • My arms still need work - more lifting for me.
  • That I can wear shorts! Me - shorts!! I was flabbergasted the first day in Disney where I could wear shorts and walk around with absolutely no thigh-creep/rubbing. Probably the first time since age 10 I could do that.

What amazes you about your pictures?


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