Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday all! Today is a short workday for me, leaving at 2:30 instead of 5-ish. Not for a fun reason though - a coworker is off this weekend and next week, so I'll be coming back in to work 3rd shift tonight and all next week to cover for him (3rd shift is 10:30 pm - 7:30 am). Wish me good, quick sleep for the hopeful 3 hours I need to get between work today and when I come back in!

Last night was a rest day for me, and I went pant shopping with my mom. Pants are my personal hell, something that has only got harder as I lost weight. Why? Running has led to one side effect I don't love: much increased thigh and calf muscles. I am naturally very muscular, add muscle easily, and now have "man calves". Skinny jeans? Only if the lower leg is wide enough. Zip-up tall boots? Yeah, right.

But I enjoy my strength, really. I can squat and leg press absurb amounts of weight, I look good in shorts, and I don't get tired easily walking around. I just need to find pants that aren't so slim-legged.

What body parts has running changed for you?

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  1. I run too and it's my thighs. And I'm kind of lazy about getting pants altered, so my husband usually makes fun of the fact that I can fit my fist (sideways) in the waistband of most of my pants -- but they're just right in the thighs. For something to fit my waist, it is insanely difficult to get it over my thighs and I wouldn't dream of sitting down in them.