Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday's Eats at Work

3:00 am - 1 cup chocolate milk:160
7:15 am - Luna Bar: 180
7:00 am - Cherry Coke Zero: 89
9:30/10:30 am - 2 pieces whole wheat bread with 2 tbps natural pb: 350
12:12: 1 sandwich with 1 piece of cheese, 2 pieces of ham, and mayo: around 450 (That's insase. no more sandwiches for me!)

Total for the work day:1220

Super hungry today - thought bread and pb would be a good snack - but it didn't hold me over at ALL! I think I can see two big problems in my eating:
No fruits and veggies! I struggle digesting raw produce, but I could work in some cooked!
That Luna bar meal needs to be more filling - glad to be able to have Cliff bars after tomorrow's grocery trip!

It's amazing how things I eat regularly have way more calories than I thought about. This may be a good tool, after all.

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