Thursday, July 1, 2010

Long "Run" and update

Admittedly, it was more walk than run, but last night I five miles in an hour and 15 minutes. I'm suprisingly not sore today - everything but a little place on my left shin feels fine. It was super hot outside, and I lost a crazy 3 pounds from my before-run weigh in to my post run weigh in.

How do you hydrate when it's hot outside? When I'm inside at the Y, I keep water or Powereade Zero on my treadmill or along the track. Outside, I either try to pick a route with drinking fountains, or do a loop that lets me stash water in my car. I don't fuel during runs, since my stomach has enough issues without food + activity.


  1. Nice job with the run! Hydrating before your run is just as important as during. Make sure you're well-hydrated all day before a longer run like this. You might want to consider a small, hand held water bottle that straps around your hand so you don't have to grip it. They usually only hold 8-12 ounces, but it helps. Also, can you stash a water bottle or two at different points along your run before you park and head out? If you freeze half full water bottles and then top them off with water before you run, they should melt but still be cold by the time you get to them. You'd have to hide them a little (i.e., in a bush or something) so they don't get taken or thrown away, but that's super helpful for a longer run. Finally, you can park in the middle of your route, run a distance away from your car, turn around and run back, hydrate, and keep going in the opposite direction for another "out and back" leg of your run. Let me know what strategies you end up hearing from other people!

  2. That is awesome - congratulations on the long run!! And especially on not being too sore!

    When I used to run outside in the heat, I'd run with a water belt if I was doing more than 6 or 7 miles. And if it was more than 10, I'd leave a gatorade stashed somewhere (like in my car or in my mailbox), too. The gatorade especially helps give me energy!

  3. I'd echo both comments above. I carry a handheld bottle usually and if necessary, plan a route with a fountain for me to refill. I've also run with a belt in the past; mine had several small bottles (to avoid bounce), and it was easy to put Gatorade in one of them, and also to figure out a formula for freezing part of some, etc. And I am also religious about hydrating during non-running time.